Welcome to the Acting Studio Brussels! Whether you’re a beginner or a professional actor, our studio provides a safe space for you to improve your craft, prepare for a role, or test new scenes. We use the highly effective Meisner Technique and welcome people from all over the world. As a member, you’ll join a tight group of ambitious actors who support each other and work together to achieve their goals. Since our opening in 2019, our students have booked jobs and made their mark in TV, film, and theatre. We even produced our first theatre production in 2022, BUS STOP by William Inge. Here is a ‘Behind the Scenes’ video.

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Build your confidence with the Acting Studio Brussels through practising physical and verbal expression. During class we will focus on the techniques that are mostly on the Stanislavsky method taught in the US which revolutionized the acting profession.

It is this way of acting that inspired the world famous Actors Studio and where many of its students to this day are influencing Theatre, TV and Film all over the world.

We offer a range of courses taylored to your specific needs:

  • Acting Technique Intensive

  • Advanced Scene Study

  • Masterclass

  • Private Classes

  • Physical Acting

  • Dance and Movement for Actors


Embark on an Extraordinary Meisner Journey with Kevin and Acting Studio Brussels!

Thank you so much Kevin and Acting Studio Brussels for the amazing journey, going deeper in Meisner technique. Twelve awesome weeks! Looking forward to the next step!!

Georgios Mantzakos

A place to learn, discover and challenge myself

I joined the acting studio in September 2019 and have never looked back. I had been part of an English speaking theatre collective for a few years, but I was looking for a more regular practice, a place to learn, discover and challenge myself and it has definitely given me all of that! I have seen and felt myself grow as an actor both onstage as well as on camera. Thanks to the encouragement of my teacher and the other actors in the course, I took the leap to start pursuing acting on a more professional level, just like a lot of us have and we are always there to celebrate our milestones together. I cannot wait to see what we will all accomplish next!

For me the studio has become a family where I always feel welcome and safe and I always have fun. Because our teacher never stops reminding us to have fun! 😊

Heli Parna

A safe haven where I’m able to risk & fail

Acting Studio Brussels has been the safe haven in the last years, where I’m able to risk & fail, but most importantly grow further with the precise & experienced feedback of our coach Kevin. His own projects like Armand inspire us all, his background runs parallel with mine, towards our goal of telling the most compelling stories.

Luc Mondelaers

The Acting Studio Brussels is much more than an acting course!

As well as developing various acting techniques, the class has helped to keep me grounded, to control my emotions, and to perfect my craft through the excellent guidance of our dedicated and professional teacher Kevin Van Doorslaer. Most importantly, the studio has served as a fun and healthy escape which provides the ideal confidence boost for me in many aspects of my everyday life and I genuinely look forward to preparing the scenes and doing the necessary homework before being able to perform them on stage. Even though I have already started to land small roles in TV/Film, I hope to continue my journey at the studio for as long as possible!

Alexander Zammit

Transformative 12-Week Meisner Program: Unveiling Talent with Kevin’s Expert Guidance!

The 12-week Meisner introduction program, under the driven & focused guidance of Kevin, is very well structured. It helps students to quickly and effectively understand the Meisner technique and to make visible progress.
Kevin is transparant in his intentions and sets specific, actionable goals that are adapted to the journey of the individual student.
He creates a safe, accessible and creative space for all, where students receive continuous, personalized feedback coming from a place of experience and dedication.
He has challenged every student to work on improving their instrument in just 3 months time, while bringing humour, humanness and and empathy to the core of his teaching style.
Dankjewel, merci, thank you!

Ryanne van Hoften

High-quality acting class

Starting out in the Acting Studio Brussels was one of the best gifts I’ve received from Life. What started as a merely ‘a new experience, out of my comfort zone’, transformed to a beautiful journey! Every week, we have new adventures, novel insights and experiences. Kevin not only generously guides us in the acting techniques but also provides us with opportunities to network with professionals in the industry. He creates a safe space for us to express ourselves authentically, as a result we’ve been progressing individually and as a team. I’m buzzed up for more adventures in the Acting Studio Brussels and recommend that you check it out if you’re looking for a high-quality acting class ;)

Student Yasaman
Yasaman Ramazani

Kevin Van Doorslaer’s Generosity and Guidance Illuminate Paths to Success

Thank you very much Kevin Van Doorslaer⁩, for sharing your knowledge and experience with us, for teaching without leaving anything out, giving us so much more, and for giving us all these opportunities. Thank you for giving me hope that a dream could still come true 🙏🏼.
I feel blessed and lucky!

Alfonsa Laragione

Exactly what I needed

I did not know this could change someone like me. I am not an actrice, just someone who had a little problem to sit on a stage. After a few courses you taught me to be myself and bypass my fear. Thank you so much for this because you solved my problem in 2 classes :) You are a great teacher who believes in us, himself and brings it accross with a big hart!

Martine Serrien