Classes are taught in English and most of our facilitators also speak French and Flemish so translating is not an issue. It is also possible to work on a piece in your own language.

Are classes only for actors or people who want to be in film and TV?

Absolutely not! Classes provide also the opportunity to focus on physicality and vocal expression, develop public speaking skills and build confidence. An ideal personal development environment.

1.) Acting Technique Intensive

This 12 week course is perfect for people who are either starting on this journey or for more experienced actors who wish to learn a new technique; The Meisner Technique !

We start with introductions, quickly move to acting exercises to loosen body, voice and clear the mind, then jump righ into the very effective and famous ‘repetition exercise’.

We then take students step by step using the approach made famous by the legendary teacher Sandford Meisner.

At the end of this course you will be ready for scene work.

Students will recieve a certificate of completion and upon evaluation invited to join the more advanced scene study class.

Because it is challenging to teach a new acting technique in such short time we ask that people who join this course fully commit.


  • Pay in full before first class. More info about dates and time of the classes



2.) Advanced SCENE STUDY

The Scene Study Class is an ongoing class for the more advanced student. Subscription to this class requires experience as a professional or is for students who have completed the Acting Technique Intensive at our studio.

You can join at any time during the year.

Perfect for actors working on a role in preparation for a project or for professionals who would love to brush up their Acting Skills. Contact us here to enquire dates and times.

It offers opportunity to work on modern as well as classic material, from Tarantino via Scorsese to Shakespeare and Moliere. Students have the option to work with a partner or alone on either a scene or monologue for example and develop a character.

We will discover the particular, voice, tonality and emotion. Whether there is a certain specific way that the character talks or walks and any other specific mannerisms.
An important aim is to connect the actor with the sense and emotion of the character and stay connected with own feelings.

Some focus to this will be brought to this process by discovering the subs-text.

Some of the questions that guide the process are:

  • What’s behind it all?
  • What’s my (the character) relationship to the other person?
  • What is my intention?
  • What do I want from the scene?
  • What is my goal?
  • What happens if I don’t get it?
  • What is stopping me from achieving my goal?
  • Is there a conflict and where?







Students subscribed to a course with the Acting Studio Brussels gain FREE access. Non ASB students are welcome to purchase a place here.


  • Must have an active ASB subscription


  • Subject to availability


Individual classes are 60 minutes long and the content will be designed according to the students’ needs and goals identified during an initial conversation.

For example we will prepare you for an audition or a role that you work on, in example for a play, TV or movie. We will help you explore the full potential of yourself and the role.

In this class you are the star, the focus is on you providing as much opportunity and limit as set by your mind. In this professional and intimate setting you can further develop your confident self and discover new planes.

This class is also ideal for anyone who is not an actor and would like to work on strategies for public speaking. To develop presentation skills, focus on conscious/sub-conscious body language, posture and voice.


120 1H


Not your ordinary dance class!

It is a mix of acting exercises and dance using different styles.

This class is for people who want to have fun while learning how to use their body on a stage or a busy set. It takes place once a week and is perfect for beginners wanting to find out whether acting is your thing or professionals wanting to get back in shape. You will learn to use your body as a way of expressing yourself. How to use the space around you, feeling your body in that space and all in combination with learning timing and rhythm of varying music styles from classic to hip hop.

Contact us here to enquire dates and times.

1 month


6 months

  • 40€ per month